Jiajian Geometric Industrial Design | "No"

佳简几何工业设计 | 《无》

On the afternoon of April 17, Wei Min, the founder of Shenzhen Jiajian Geometry Industrial Design Co., Ltd., shared the design concept of 'None' in the PDC Design Gallery of the Canton Fair Complex. Three questions about the core of design are put forward: 'What is design', 'What is design philosophy', 'What is my design philosophy'.

佳简几何工业设计 | 《无》   

First of all

About 'What is Design'

Wei Min expressed his unique opinion that the design is to use all available resources that exist objectively

Including technology, supply chain, market, channel, etc., combined with the trend of strong subjective judgments, the process of creating a tool for solving problems

Among them, resources are the pursuit of objective reality, which requires time and experience accumulation;

In the eyes of ordinary people, the trend is just the direction. For designers, it is the subjective idea and philosophy.

Through the combination of self-subjective ideas and high-quality objective resources, a product recognized by the public is designed.

And design should be doing what you think is right, time and time again using different languages to strengthen your point of view, rather than to study trends.



Thinking about 'what is design philosophy'

Wei Min cited

Le Corbusier

Zaha Hadid for the future

Naoto Fukasawa of the unconscious design concept

What these three masters of creation philosophy have in common is to use their own set of design philosophies to create what they think is a better world 'A Better World'

So 'What is my design philosophy'?

Wei Min expounded what he thinks is the pursuit of a 'nothing' concept

Unconscious, unconscious

Integrate design into all aspects of people's lives, let design become a tool or service to help people solve problems, and people will have more time to participate in creative and sensuous social activities.

He believes that design brings a perfect world to humans 'A Prefect World'

Shenzhen Jiajian Geometry Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jiajian Geometry Industrial Design Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 and is committed to becoming a global innovative design team representing China. Jia and Jian are the design rules we follow, more or less, are the product experience conveyed by Jiajian Geometry. The company seeks to make the product appear to be the most perfect state between the environment and the user. Focusing on product design, the company provides six innovative service modules covering product strategy, structural design, supply chain management, brand strategy and brand design. The team has won more than 40 international design awards such as Reddot, IF, IDEA and Good Design. It is the shortest established industrial design company in China's industrial design history and the most awarded international design award.

The customers of Jiajian Geometry are located in 24 cities across the world on three continents. Cooperating companies include Alibaba, Baidu, 360, Microsoft, Tencent, Aofei Group, Weilai, Xiaomi, Elvis, ofo, ANKER, Haier, Midea, LeTV, Storm Video, NetEase, Thunder, Hisense, HKC and China Mobile And other world top 500 enterprises and Chinese leading brands. At the same time, it has also served outstanding startups such as Caller Technology, Sensoro, DextaRobotics, GYENNO, Rodewell, Kang Kang Network, and Flash Magic, and worked together to complete the transformation from 0 to 1.

At the same time, domestic and foreign media such as CCTV13, CNN, BBC, 'Forbes', 'First Financial Weekly', 'Southern Metropolis Daily', 'New Vision', 'Shenzhen Evening News' and 'China Culture News' have responded to Jiajian Geometry Carried out follow-up and follow-up reports to spread the innovation path of Jiajian Geometry to the world.