Value + Fun | Concave and Convex 2018 New Product Launch

颜值+趣味 | 凸凹出品2018新品发布会

颜值+趣味 | 凸凹出品2018新品发布会

On the afternoon of April 18

Wu Xiaoliu, the sales director of convex and concave products, released the new spring 2018 products at the PDC design gallery venue

Hear the designer's original story

Feel the high-tech change life

Experience products to create a better lifestyle

颜值+趣味 | 凸凹出品2018新品发布会  

Where are the cute little things that make girls happy at first sight?

What is the most popular trendy must-have item nowadays?

Let Wenqing people stop here at the first sight, what is the high-value home that you want to buy home?

The convex and concave products are produced to meet the market demand


Clockwork Botanical Garden

Tide beaborn


Three major brands have appeared at the conference site

Highly recommended by Chinese new singing students

Playful microphone

Let you in this era of national karaoke

Open your own concert anytime, anywhere


High-value Bluetooth speaker

With our macarons microphone

Unlimited treble enjoyment

Let you swim in the ocean of music

Original black technology thin and light wireless charger


Charging safety

Let your phone charge without worry


Music, backpack, office, leisure, fashion

Rechargeable backpack with many other elements of life

Let you

Feel at ease

Live wildly

Ego out

Simple, natural and textured original home

Let you transform into a beautiful life scene in your home environment

It is definitely a designer original item that you cannot miss

The convex and concave product was founded in 2003, adhering to the core concept of 'designing for the next generation', committed to design innovation and industrial resource integration, and creating original brand clusters of designers; taking design as the driving force, creating new products and promoting industrial upgrading, for Consumers create a more quality lifestyle.

Concave and Concave is composed of three business units: Concave and Concave Design, Concave and Concave Incubation, and Concave and Concave Co-creation. It is an innovative platform integrating product design consulting, independent product incubation, and original brand investment. In the past 15 years, the convex and concave products have provided innovative services to hundreds of well-known domestic and foreign brands, created more than 1,000 mass-produced products, and created more than 100 billion market value. Independently incubating independent style brands such as 'Clockwork Botanical Garden', 'BEABORN', 'Zhiji', etc., won dozens of international design awards such as IF, RED DOT, IDEA, Zhizao, Red Star, Golden Dot, etc. Nearly 100 utility models and appearance patents.

Co-creation invests in innovative institutions such as 'Fan Jia', 'Qi Orange', 'Zhi Zhao', etc., based on the scene to dig deeper into user needs, integrate industry chain resources, create multiple emerging categories for the consumer market, and promote the industrialization and commercialization of original designs development of.