Wonderful trailer | The first PDC series of activities of the 125th Canton Fair

The first phase of the 125th Canton Fair will be officially opened tomorrow. PDC will continue to work with outstanding design companies to showcase the latest design concepts and works. PDC's ability to gather design and production resources, increase efforts to promote co-creation cooperation, and provide landing services for enterprise innovation projects.

Create strength together and promote innovation

In order to gather superior resources and help enterprises to innovate and develop, the 'Co-creation Day' series of activities planned by PDC will be held on April 17 of the first phase. The event consisted of two events in the afternoon, 'Design Co-Creation Forum' and 'Minmetals & PDC Design Night' in the evening. The 'Design Co-creation Forum' will take the theme of 'A Road to Explosives' as the theme, and focus on how to grasp the wave of consumption upgrades through 'Explosives', and guide and help enterprises from key links such as product design, brand promotion to market operation. Highlight the encirclement, full of dry goods!

PDC and China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce once again jointly held a design night event. The event will hold an 'online PDC' signing and co-creation demand release ceremony. Since the operation of 'Online PDC' for half a year, it has reached in-depth cooperation with design demanders such as MINISO, Hongxing Chuanggu, and Mango Mutual Entertainment to jointly promote the development of online design docking, help the close connection between design creativity and production enterprises, and further improve manufacturing. The width and depth of the industry.

Good Design in Hong Kong · Business Opportunities in the Mainland

Organized by the Hong Kong Design Chamber of Commerce, the theme of 'Hong Kong Good Design • Mainland Exhibition Business Opportunities' will continue to open in the Design Gallery of Area A of the Canton Fair. The event aims to increase the visibility of Hong Kong designers in the Mainland market and encourage industrial design in Hong Kong. The design creativity in the industry promotes related product designers and their designs to the domestic market in China.

The first PDC series of activities of the 125th Canton Fair

Venue 1: Fengjingxuan, 42nd Floor, Westin Hotel, Canton Fair

Time: 14: 30-17: 30, April 17

Theme: PDC Design Co-creation Day-Co-creation Forum, 'The Only Road to Explosive Products'

Guests: Design experts in the industry

Time: 18: 00-21: 00 on April 17

Theme: PDC Design Co-creation Day-Minmetals · PDC Design Night

Guests: Leaders of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the head of the iF Awards Asia, the Dean of the Korea Design University, etc.

Venue 2: PDC Design Gallery, Hall 4, Pearl River Promenade, Area A, Canton Fair Complex

Time: 14: 30-15: 30, April 15

Theme: Innovation • Quality • Professional

Guest: Dr. Wang Enguang (Hong Kong famous designer, industrial artist and inventor)

Time: 15: 30-16: 30, April 15

Theme: Design Drives Innovation

Guest: Li Hui (Director of Yuanjun Design Marketing Department)

Time: 11: 00-12: 00, April 16

Theme: From 0 to 1 of industrial life bodies——Sharing of robotic arm image sharing

Guest: Guan Yijun (General Manager / Design Director of Foshan Qimen Design Consultant Co., Ltd.)

Time: 13: 30-14: 30, April 16

Theme: Brand meets the future

Guest: Zou Zhenmeng (founder of Shenzhen Sheji Zou Industrial Design Co., Ltd.)

Time: 13: 30-14: 30, April 17

Theme: Foreseeing the future-starting with shaping global brands

Guest: Zhao Bi (founder and CEO of Guangzhou Yunchao Design Consulting, co-founder of KORIN anti-theft backpack brand, partner of NOHOO children's bag brand, deputy secretary general of Guangdong Industrial Design Innovation Service Alliance)

Time: 11: 00-12: 00, April 18

Theme: Brand and Design: Helping Brand E-commerce and Enhancing Brand Value

Guest: South American Dragon (founder and chairman of Holland Orange Creative Brand Management Co., Ltd.)

Time: 15: 00-16: 00, April 18

Theme: Foreseeing design, meeting the future

Guest: Xu Wenjing (General Manager of Hongyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan City)