Yuanjun Design: To convey design power and innovative value to you

Why should design be valued, and why can design change the future? What is the design? How to innovate?


On the afternoon of April 15, Li Hui, Director of Design Marketing Department of Yuanjun Innovation Group (hereinafter referred to as Yuanjun), at the PDC Design Gallery venue of the Canton Fair with the theme of 'design-driven innovation', conveyed design power and innovative value to the guests.

Since 2008, Yuan Jun has never been absent from each Canton Fair. First of all, Yuanjun connects with Chinese foreign trade enterprises through the Canton Fair platform to provide high-quality design services for Chinese enterprises, including user research, product design, product proofing, small batch production, brand planning, etc., and strives to create a closed loop for innovation and reduce corporate Communicate costs and development costs to build the firm's most solid innovation brain, and work hand in hand with the company to draw a blueprint. Secondly, through 13 years of accumulation and professional literacy, Yuanjun has gradually gained the trust of more and more enterprises, proving that the design capabilities of China's design industry have steadily improved.

Just like the Dujiangyan Project, the premise of not damaging natural resources and making full use of natural resources to serve human beings, the design principles pursued by Yuan Jun have never been designed for design. Modeling for styling. Behind every design, designers are hidden The brainstorm behind the content of the product is not only considering what the buyer sees on the surface, but also the human environment, considering the application, installation problems, production problems, maintenance problems, recycling and so on. User problems. Not only for the profit of the enterprise, Yuanjun more realistically hopes to promote or influence the innovation culture of the enterprise through one or a series of product design and bring new vitality to the enterprise. At the same time, consumers benefit.

The words design and innovation have been promoted, and Samsung Li Jianxi once mentioned that everything except wife and children must be changed. Innovation is often a long, lonely and difficult process. 'Allow failure, do not innovate, and innovate is equivalent to perish' has become the consensus of many Western companies. It is precisely under this cultural background that European culture, economy, science and technology have always been at the forefront of the world; building innovation Culture must be based on the long-term, starting from the foundation and from the source. Just as the germination of seeds requires fertile soil and sufficient sunlight, to achieve innovation, we must create an atmosphere conducive to innovation and a relaxed cultural background, not just product innovation. Or financial innovation, marketing innovation, business model innovation, company culture innovation, system innovation, etc.

Design drives business value and innovation drives China's transformation. Yuanjun is willing to work with you to meet challenges.


Yuanjun Innovation Group booth: 1AP32, Pearl River Spread Road, Area A, Canton Fair, waiting for you to discuss the road of innovation.