Wonderful review | The first PDC design activity of the 125th Canton Fair

The first PDC series of activities of the 125th Canton Fair came to an end today. During this period, 56 design companies / organizations displayed their design products at the booth, attracting the attention of domestic and foreign buyers and production enterprises in the pavilion. There was a warm response on the road.


In this issue of PDC, a total of 9 design events were held, bringing together outstanding domestic and foreign designer representatives and professionals. From the perspective of brand marketing and product design, they shared the most cutting-edge industry information for enterprises and brands, foreshadowing the future development trend of the industry To guide enterprises and brands to find new development directions in the market opportunities and challenges. On April 15th, the 'Innovation, Quality and Professional' Forum of the Hong Kong Design Association (HKDTA) attracted the attention of many exhibitors on the first day of the exhibition, demonstrating the insights and professional capabilities of Hong Kong designers and providing a 'design wisdom' for PDC A series of activities successfully created momentum.

On April 17th, the PDC Co-Creation Forum-an 'explosive' only way and Minmetals · PDC Design Night was successfully held at the Westin Canton Fair. The PDC co-creation forum focused on the popular thing of industry explosives, and invited a number of design company founders and design experts and scholars to share the experience and rules of creating explosives, eye-catching flash store trends, design planning For design management and other topics, the forum attracted more than 150 people. After feedback, many on-site audiences said that they have benefited a lot, and look forward to the next wonderful presentation of the PDC Forum.

After the co-creation forum, Minmetals • PDC Design Night was also held. Wen Zhongliang, deputy director of China Foreign Trade Center, and Liu Zhonghui, vice president of China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, attended the event and delivered speeches. More than 150 people including representatives from chambers of commerce, representatives from VIP exhibition design companies and representatives of international buyers from Canton Fair witnessed the signing ceremony of online PDC settlement and co-creation of demand release.

Missed the first exciting event? Don't worry, the second phase of the 125th Canton Fair is coming on April 23, please wait and see!