Foresee design, meet the future

On the afternoon of April 18, Xu Wenjing, general manager of Foshan Shunde Hongyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongyi Design), delivered a speech on the theme of 'Foreseeing Design, Meeting the Future' at the PDC Design Gallery. By sorting out the development history of Hongyi Design and Hongyi Technology Group, it explains that the design service organization is trying a new development model, and the growth of design companies under this model can provide more high-level and practical landing for more manufacturing enterprises. design service.


Ms. Xu Wenjing pointed out that the current conventional design service process is design research, brainstorming, design output and back-end control, etc. However, the limitations of the designer's profession often overlook the most critical issue-for whom. It is true that 'the design of the user center' is not wrong, but it must also have a commercial sense, and can not ignore the demands of the manufacturers and distributors.

Based on this, designers actually need to understand more than just the design itself, but also need to have a deeper understanding of consumer demands, reasons and trends of product changes, and innovative methods. In the speech, Xu Wenjing shared an innovative thinking model based on the two dimensions of 'technology and market'. Creative innovation is never an empty idea, but is based on an in-depth analysis of existing technologies and markets. Multiple factors such as development planning determine the corresponding innovative ideas.

Following this innovative model can discover the reasons for many explosive products and new products. This is not an overnight burst of inspiration, but an in-depth understanding and analysis of multiple dimensions such as industry and users; it is not a hype for business purely for profit, but an inevitable move to comply with trends and needs.

In the last part, Hongyi shared with you the “personalized” consumption trends in the “Jingdong 2018 E-commerce Consumer White Paper”, and based on this trend, a series of kitchen appliances designed for Zhongshan Meisu Electrical Appliances, including small instant water heaters , Mini electric cooker, electric frying pan, travel combination pot, fully consider the needs of personal life, from simple and elegant design style, mini lightweight product size and other aspects to match user needs. The serialized design also enhances the product's sense of grade and value, and forms competitiveness in products with low technical barriers.

In the 14 years of industrial design development, Hongyi Design is also constantly trying and exploring the maximization of industrial design value. Independent brand development and design companies complement each other and can provide customers with product planning, user analysis, product design, technology development, and supply chain. Integration and other services are especially advantageous in terms of design realizability and cost control. This can not only help manufacturing enterprises to output high-quality designs, but also find more development opportunities that are more suitable for the traditional manufacturing industry through the innovative model of 'technology and market'.