Wonderful review | The 125th Canton Fair PDC series of events ended

The 125th Canton Fair closed today. With the strong support of relevant government departments, business associations, industrial bases, design institutions, companies and international procurement delegations of various provinces and cities, the series of PDC activities also ended successfully today.

精彩回顾 | 第125届广交会PDC系列活动落下帷幕

In this Canton Fair, 110 design companies / organizations from 15 countries and regions participated in the design exhibition. The exhibition area was 1696.5 square meters. During the period, PDC held 18 design forum series activities and design nights.

As the finale of the third phase, the 2019 Canton Fair Fashion Week (Spring) has a total of 6 major industrial bases from 17 provinces and cities, 46 companies, brands, and 35 designers.

精彩回顾 | 第125届广交会PDC系列活动落下帷幕

1. Join hands with China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce to successfully hold a 'explosive' road to co-creation forum and Minmetals · PDC Design Night. The PDC co-creation forum focused on industry explosives, and invited a number of design company founders and design experts and scholars to share the experience and rules for creating explosives, eye-catching pop-up shop trends, design planning and design management for exhibitors topic.

2. In collaboration with MINISO, a design forum and design night event with the theme 'Good Design and Better Life BETTER DESIGN BETTER LIFE' Many design masters from Germany, Finland, South Korea, Japan, Italy, China and other places brought wonderful sharing to the audience

3. 2019 Canton Fair Fashion Week (spring) fashion party, watering the future. In this fashion week, the China Foreign Trade Center, the China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and the China Light Industry and Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce invited many apparel brand companies, product bases and well-known designers to perform fashion blockbusters, and strive to create more professional, richer The trendy fashion exchange platform continuously improves the influence, radiation and transaction effect of Chinese design, Chinese clothing. At the fashion party, representatives from the China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, representatives from the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industry and Crafts, and designer representatives from the Guangdong Garment Designers Association presented wonderful works.

4. Mr. Ji Wenbo, the winner of China's top fashion design award-Golden Ding Award, lights up the opening ceremony of 2019 Canton Fair Fashion Week (Spring). On the evening of May 1, the opening ceremony of the 2019 Canton Fair Fashion Week (Spring) was held in the banquet hall on the 3rd floor of The Westin Canton Fair. At the opening ceremony, Teacher Ji released nearly one hundred suits, leading the fashion trend in 2019.

5. Music + fashion, cross-border integration of music and catwalk. On the evening of May 3, 2019 Canton Fair Fashion Week (Spring) Fashion Night cum Deng Zhaoping & Ku Tingnan joint show was held in the banquet hall on the 3rd floor of The Westin Canton Fair. Teachers Deng Zhaoping, Ms. Qu Tingnan and 20 fashion week catwalk brands from China's top ten fashion designers presented a wonderful show with unique Guangzhou characteristics. The scene also invited well-known musicians to perform impromptu music performances, which perfectly blended the music with the catwalk.