Early spoilers | The main visual image of the PDC at the 126th Canton Fair is freshly released


In 2011, the Canton Fair established the Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC), which aims to provide an efficient docking platform for the close cooperation between 'World Design' and 'Made in China'. After 9 years of development, the Canton Fair PDC has formed a complete industrial chain that includes design displays, Canton Fair fashion weeks, design activities, business opportunities, design docking, and design research.

In previous Canton Fairs, PDC will formulate different themes based on trends, and continue and iterate in the design and application of visual images. At the 126th Canton Fair, PDC will join hands with Designest Cloud Nest consultants and design agencies to present this visual design.

-About Designest-

Designest Cloud Nest Consultant and Design Agency is an exhibitor of Canton Fair PDC design display. Founded in 2014, it is a leading 'design-driven brand' innovative design consulting agency in South China. The founder has a strong background of combining industry, education and research. The core team is composed of PhD in Design (UCD), former Philips Design Consultant (ID), and former Honeywell Asia Pacific Experience Design Director (UX). Through four years of development, Yunchao Design has realized a closed-loop business model centered on design strategy consulting and independent brand incubation. Especially good at the general trend of consumer upgrades in subdivided fields, and complete the 'from 0 to 1' brand building. Its unique 'Design Studio' development model and development 'think tank' for customers to find new business opportunities and product innovation direction, through the creation of explosives to promote the construction of a global brand, successfully shaped a business miracle.

Design background / Design background

The theme / Theme

Embrace change / EMBRACE THE CHANGE

In today's international environment

Change will be the norm

under such a circumstance

We should respect the law, grasp the general trend, and hold the future in mind

Embrace development opportunities with greater opening

Seek mutual benefit and win-win with better cooperation


Main visual design

Main visual design

Embrace the visual expression of change

Irregular geometry with restlessness

Express unknown changes

The restless graphics can be expressed

Fear, longing, longing, and confusion about the unknown future

Everything is possible in the unknown future

So as to convey the visual image of grasping the general trend and thinking about the future





The blue background color is full of mystery and technology

The gradual production method is more impact and appeal

Show the intersection of change and fusion

It is also an abstract expression of the PDC platform



Canton Fair Fashion Week visual design

Irregular graphics in fashion week

Represents the uncertain, unrestricted and not unique characteristics of fashion

Fashion is like a gurgling river


Never stay

There is always something new

Then merge with each other

Create a new generation



Like a chaotic economic environment

There are still various opportunities

These opportunities are in a changing environment

Changes with the environment

But never disappear

Font layout / Font layout

Text and background remain the same

The text is arranged in irregular layout

Also regular

The outline of the font is irregularly arranged

The internal Chinese and English are arranged in an orderly manner

Color system / Color system

The gradient technique used in this design

Not only represents platform docking

It is also a vision of the future

Break the current gray situation

Looking forward to a bright future

In order to strengthen the visual expression and impact

Also to cater to the theme more

The background of the main vision is presented in a dynamic form

Feel the fusion and interactive visual expression in the gradual colors

Summary / Summary

It can be seen from the visual design plan

Gradient technique from background

Irregularities to graphics and content

Strong sense of continuity

On a wide variety of materials and presentations

Maintain a high degree of consistency

Will make the theme of the exhibition more popular

For the development and promotion of the future Canton Fair PDC

Will also play a more active role and have a more profound impact

Design team / Design team

Cloud Nest Consultant and Design Agency Brand Department

Branding department of Designest

Build for the PDC of Canton Fair

Cloud Nest will be

The first design exhibition booth of the P126 of the 126th Canton Fair

(Pearl River Promenade BP92-93, Area B, Canton Fair Complex)

Meet you

Not seen


Time of the 126th Canton Fair:

Phase I: October 15-19, 2019

Second issue: October 23-27, 2019

Third period: October 31-November 4, 2019