Invite to participate-Call for PDC visual design for Canton Fair

In order to further enhance the brand image of the Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC) of the Canton Fair, the 126th (October 15th to November 4th) and 127th (April 2020) are now open for outstanding design workers 15th-May 5th) Canton Fair PDC visual image creative design.

1. About Canton Fair PDC

In 2011, the Canton Fair established the Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC), which aims to provide an efficient docking platform for the close cooperation between 'World Design' and 'Made in China'. After 9 years of development, the Canton Fair PDC has formed a complete industrial chain that includes design displays, Canton Fair fashion weeks, design activities, business opportunities, design docking, and design research.


2. Collection time

The submission period for this call is from June 28 to July 25, 2019.

3. Scope of solicitation

Facing the global public solicitation, fully embodying the principles of fairness, justice and openness, all excellent units, colleges, design companies and individuals who like to design and pay attention to the PDC of the Canton Fair can participate.

Fourth, the solicitation content

(1) Creative theme

The creative theme should be a concise and impactful title. We hope that you will design the theme of visual image promotion for the 126th and 127th Canton Fair PDC according to the purpose and philosophy of the PDC of the Canton Fair (you can learn more about PDC through the public WeChat and official website of the 'Canton PDC') The themes and design elements of the two Canton Fairs need to echo each other, for example: WORLD TRANSFORMERS (the 124th Canton Fair PDC theme), see DESIGN FOR TOMORROW (the 125th Canton Fair PDC theme) in the future.

(2) Design content

Prospective collaborators only need to submit the first design content 'Overall Design Style Proposal', and the subsequent four (items 2-5) design content will be designed after the cooperation is confirmed and the contributor communicates with the PDC in depth. See Annex 1 for details of previous design styles and elements.

1. Overall design style proposal, design the overall visual image for the visual image and scene layout during PDC related design activities during the two sessions of Canton Fair. Related design activities include: design display, Canton Fair Fashion Week, and design forum. The style proposal should be a PPT containing a picture of the overall style.

2.PDC promotion main screen and Canton Fair Fashion Week main screen, to determine the visual elements to design the current overall promotion main screen, the size ratio of 16: 9 horizontal version and vertical version, the final screen will be displayed according to the specific size Adjustment. The main screen will appear in publicity materials, LED display, online promotion and other channels.

3. Design and display scene applications and suggestions, through the limited space location of the Pearl River Promenade in the exhibition hall (the main channel connecting the Canton Fair Complex and the location of the PDC design display), present the design content in the best scene application, and deliver innovative design and promotion Promote PDC series of activities. The application method of the scene should be innovative and interactive, and the continuity between the two sessions should be considered.

4. The design and functional layout of the fashion week show, to determine the effect of the fashion week element design of the Canton Fair Hall 7.1 show (size 33 * 16m), the fashion week show and its functional layout should have strong innovation; Communicate the concepts of fashion week, frontier, innovation, etc., and consider the effective division of its various functional areas (such as backstage, auditorium, console, stage, etc.).

5. Design the event background board, invitations and applications to determine the elements of design activities (design forums and design nights) combined with the theme of major events to design the background board and invitation template, the horizontal ratio of 16: 9 size and Vertical version, invitation letter needs to provide innovative display style, and put forward the application of theme elements in the event site.

V. Design requirements

(1) The theme must be in both Chinese and English, with precise connotation, reflecting the value of the Canton Fair PDC, with extended and symbolic meaning, easy to understand, easy to remember, easy to promote, and original content.

(2) The visual elements should echo the theme, be uniquely creative, keep up with international design trends, and design innovations are forward-looking, with strong visual impact and intuitive overall beauty.

(3) The design file should be a vector diagram, and the application of different scenarios needs to be considered.

6. Time limit for cooperation

August 1, 2019-May 30, 2020

7. Design Service Fee

The cost of design services for this call is subject to actual interviews.

8. Solicitation Statement

(1) The applied works will not be returned, and applicants should keep the manuscript.

(2) The work should be an original design, without plagiarism, counterfeiting or infringement on the intellectual property rights of others. It has not been published in any form before. If there is any infringement, the designer shall bear all legal consequences and legal liabilities.

(3) The copyright of the applied works belongs to the applicant, and the use rights and enjoyment rights of the collected works belong to the Canton Fair PDC. The Canton Fair PDC has the right to use, modify or protect selected works.

9. Others

(1) The visual image and elements will be combined with the PDC related activities of the Canton Fair and displayed on the main channel of the Canton Fair Complex with the most crowds, and will attract the attention of overseas buyers and exhibitors from more than 200 countries and regions.

(2) Units or individuals who are interested in participating in this solicitation activity should send the manuscript to the PDC staff before the deadline for investment, and the PDC staff will notify the specific proposal explanation time. Before the end of the investment, if you have any questions, you can always communicate with PDC staff.

Contact: Jiang Wei

Phone: 020-89181831 / 18823112566




Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC)

June 26, 2019