PDC 【Connect Design | Promote Industry | Enhance Value】

At the 121st Canton Fair, the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC) will adhere to the development concept of 'innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing', continue to serve Canton Fair exhibitors as the core, and cultivate Canton Fair exhibitors' new international competitive advantages For the purpose of work, enrich service connotation, introduce international excellent design resources to connect with Chinese manufacturing, promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade enterprises, and provide an engine for China's foreign trade to 'steadily grow, adjust structure, rotate power, and improve quality.'

The quality design exhibition area improves the design service level.

PDC【连接设计 | 促进产业 | 提升价值】

Design innovation is a direct driving force for enterprise transformation and upgrading. In this Canton Fair, there will be 97 excellent design companies / organizations from 12 countries / regions including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Mainland China , 8 young crop designers, 9 clothing design brands to participate, to provide high-level design services for Canton Fair exhibitors, and bring the most cutting-edge creative design and information.

Driven by innovation, creating a special area for intelligent manufacturing experience.

PDC【连接设计 | 促进产业 | 提升价值】

In the first phase, PDC will cooperate with the International Intelligent Innovation Association to jointly create a 'China Smart Manufacturing Global Promotion Conference' with the theme of 'intelligent innovation, smart life', and promote foreign trade production enterprises with China's most advanced intelligent innovative products as the theme. While transforming and upgrading technology, it will show global buyers the level of intelligent manufacturing in China, combine two resources, and serve two markets.

Connect business and create a new platform for combining creative IP and innovative industries.

PDC【连接设计 | 促进产业 | 提升价值】

In the second phase, PDC will work with Xiaoman Cultural Group to hold Xiaoman Cultural Group · PDC Design Night [Opening the IP Grand Navigation Era], through collaboration with designers and IP resources, to create an international cultural and creative industry exchange activity for innovation Talents and creative industries provide industrial policy services to promote the development of original brands and innovative industries.

Focus on trade and guide the fashion show during the Canton Fair.

PDC【连接设计 | 促进产业 | 提升价值】

PDC will continue to hold the Canton Fair original design fashion show in the third phase. This year's fashion show, PDC joined hands with R & F International Trade Port, Jiangsu Changshu Apparel and other resources to hold a fashion show night, combining well-known domestic designers, wedding dresses, evening dresses, children's wear, women's clothing, casual fashion companies to bring vision to the third phase of Canton Fair The feast promotes the connection between fashion show companies and buyers, and promotes cooperation in various fields. At the same time, it will further dig deeper into the buyer's needs, increase buyer invitations and promotion work, urge the transaction, and create a new business card for the third phase of the Canton Fair.

Be dedicated and practical, and build the PDC brand image.

PDC【连接设计 | 促进产业 | 提升价值】

After six years of development, PDC has gradually gained industry recognition, and the brand has had a certain influence. In order to build a more professional service platform, European professional brand consulting service companies have been hired to provide consulting services for PDC brand upgrades, and to further serve the Canton Fair with a professional brand image.