The Secret of the First PDC Design Exhibition Area of the 121st Canton Fair


The first phase of the 121st Canton Fair will begin tomorrow. As the PDC design exhibition area with the highest face value, the most creativity, and the most productive products at the Canton Fair, what are the highlights of this session? Today, the editor will take you into the PDC design exhibition area to see what fresh and hot design ideas the design companies have brought!

The 'high-value' Korean legion composed of 13 excellent design companies made a grand appearance at the Canton Fair! Their booths are distributed on the Pearl River Promenade in Zones A and B. Their services include: industrial product design, analysis of design trends in the fields of household appliances, consumer electronics, sanitary ware, and medical devices, as well as integration of environment, products, multimedia, and many other design fields. One-stop solutions for new technologies, new platforms, new media, etc.




Italian design companies return with Italian romance. Among them, the Italian AMV industrial design company that participated for the first time was very cool, focusing on the fields of industrial design, engineering design, multimedia and publicity. Its product categories include garden machinery, automobiles, medical machinery, household appliances, industrial equipment and artificial industrialized equipment products.






The most French-style old friend of PDC-French Miro Design Company has joined forces with French DO Design design company focused on product innovation and product strategic design since last year to bring multi-dimensional, down-field design concepts to Canton Fair exhibitors At the same time, everyone takes a photo with 'Santa' and don't forget to pay attention to the new format of Miro Design.




The Dutch designers are in full condition. There are 4 Dutch companies in the first phase of this year, Orange Branding B.V., Orange Creatives, CQ Design, Design2Gather. The service scope includes practical commercial product design, brand planning, strategic consulting and online design platform. Through rich and diverse design displays, it provides enterprises with comprehensive docking options, helping production enterprises and buyers to enhance product design and brand building capabilities.




Foreign design companies shine in the PDC design exhibition area, but the domestic design power should not be underestimated!

In the first phase of this Canton Fair, we welcomed the participation of excellent design companies across the country, such as Hangzhou Concave, Guanqun, Shenzhen Rococo, Ningbo Daye, Chuangjia, Guangzhou Weibo, Foshan Qianlong, Hongyi, Dachuang Shenzhen torch array, Guangzhou Yihuang, Shanghai Panwen Technology, etc., creative ideas burst out, blooming! Look at some of them first.

Rococo Innovation Design Group is committed to providing customers with total solutions for innovative products. The content includes product strategy and research, industrial design, structural design, brand design, UI interactive experience design, service design, production supply chain management, Internet marketing, innovation investment and other businesses.




Yihuang China is an international service company oriented to design innovation. According to the needs of customers, it provides 'architectural design solutions, interior design solutions, construction materials / decoration materials procurement solutions, material transportation solutions, construction solutions, financial solutions', etc. One-stop service for EPC.




Seeing this, are you really eager to come and see the design company? The following is a list of the first PDC exhibiting design companies / organizations. More exciting, welcome to visit the PDC design exhibition area!


List of the first PDC design display companies of the 121st Canton Fair

Pearl River Promenade, Area A, Canton Fair Complex

1AP11-12 Foshan Shunde Hongyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1AP13 Guangdong Shunde Qianlong Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1AP14 Korea U2 DESIGN

1AP15 Korea 20Plus

1AP21 Guangdong Shunde Heyi Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

1AP22 Shenzhen Style Houseware Co., Ltd.

1AP23 Korea JEI Design Works

1AP24 Square Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1AP25 Guangzhou Weibo Product Design Co., Ltd.

1AP26-27 Italy AMV Design

1AP28 Suzhou Xuanang Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1AP29 Hangzhou Guanqun Design Co., Ltd.

1AP30 Foshan Dachuang Design Co., Ltd.

1AP31 Segno Inverso, Italy

1AP32 Lanyin Design Agency

1AP33 Hangzhou Spark Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1AP34-35 Korea Gusi Industrial Design

1AP36-37 basic life

1AP38 Netherlands D2G

1AP39 Yax design

1AP40 Hong Kong Altplus Design

1AP41 Taiwan pulse extension design

1AP42 Korea NS

1AP43 Ningbo Daye Product Plastic Art Design Co., Ltd.

1AP44 Rococo Design Group

1AP45 Holland Orange Creative Brand Management Co., Ltd.

1AP46 Korean designoasis

1AP47 Korean windamp

1AP48 Guangzhou Orange Creative Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1AP49 Zhejiang Convex Culture Development Co., Ltd.

1AP50 Dutch CQ design

1AP51 Korea Blessing Eco Design

1AP52 Korea SmartCityGrid

1AP53-54 Star Coffee Special Purchase (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Beside the Pearl River Promenade Gallery, Area A, Canton Fair Complex

1AP411-412 Guangzhou Tanglong Marketing Planning Co., Ltd.

1AP409-410 French Miro Design Company


Pearl River Promenade, Area B, Canton Fair Complex

1BP91-93 D2P Etron

1BP101 Korean designnext

1BP102 Korea PHIATON

1BP103 Jiangmen Aidizan Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1BP104-105 Yihuang China

1BP106 Lianyungang Xiaojudeng Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1BP107 Unicorn Business Consulting Co., Ltd.

1BP108-109 British CREADYS Design Co., Ltd.

1BP110 Foshan Weisi Creative Product Planning Co., Ltd.

1BP111 Shuomei Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1BP112 Shenzhen Matrix Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd.

1BP113 Zhejiang Xianhe Information Technology Co., Ltd.

1BP114 South Korea ATTODESIGN



Canton Fair Complex Area C

1CP151-152 Ningbo Chuangjia Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1CP153-154 Sihui Yixing Jewelry Co., Ltd. Design Branch

1CP155 Panwen Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

1CP157-158 Guangzhou Neten Product Design Co., Ltd.