Stroll through Finnish design and boost the development of the design industry

'Finnish Design' is an artistic wisdom derived from nature, which cleverly integrates the natural spirituality of mountains and rivers. Churches, markets, window sills, city squares, etc. all reflect the ingenious Finnish design. Plain, practical, make full use of existing materials, closely integrate with life, and enjoy the vast consumer groups, is a distinctive feature of 'Finnish Design'. While emphasizing the charm of design, the Finnish designer is devoted to the research and development of new materials, designing various household items with exquisite shapes and elegant colors, which is refreshing.

On June 15th, the PDC Promotion Group (hereinafter referred to as the group) visited the headquarters of the Finnish Innovation Center and co-organized a PDC promotion exchange meeting with it. The Finnish Innovation Center adheres to the concept of 'Finhua's wisdom and innovation', and provides convenient conditions for cooperation between Chinese and Finnish companies.

At the meeting, Sami Haikio, the project manager of the Finnish Innovation Center, gave a brief introduction to the two parties, and representatives of each company / institution gave a self-introduction of the company's business. Representatives and groups conducted detailed and in-depth discussions on the types of needs of Chinese companies at the Canton Fair, the possibility of cooperation between Chinese design companies and the Finnish design team, import of raw materials for fashion brands, design and sales, etc. interest.

After the meeting, the group and Paivi Rosti, CEO and founder of Creagent, further discussed the platform docking cooperation space. Creagent is committed to creating a docking platform for global design, and currently mainly focuses on docking European design resources. Paivi expressed a strong willingness to cooperate with PDC, hoping to work with PDC to connect its global design resources to Chinese companies.