Swedish Design | Make your product simple but not simple

'Swedish design' is elegant and modern. The modern style of Sweden has made Mattson chairs sell well. In terms of furniture, unlike the Danish design, the Swedish furniture design style does not emphasize individuality very much, but pays more attention to craftsmanship, marketability and popularity. The design style is more in pursuit of a stacked structure that is easy to stack, clear lines, and simplified circulation for ease of production. Modern and popular, condensed into the modern style of Swedish furniture. 'Swedish design' simple but not simple warmth and unique culture and exquisite let everyone fully enjoy the beauty in the process of use.

On June 19, the PDC Promotion Group (hereinafter referred to as the group) visited the headquarters of the Nordic Sustainable Design Association (SSDA) and co-organized the PDC Promotion Exchange. Participants at the meeting included industry representatives from brand design, industrial design and architectural design. SSDA actively advocates the core concept of 'design for sustainable development and design to lead a healthy lifestyle' to provide convenient conditions for design cooperation between China and Switzerland.

At the meeting, SSDA General Manager Sofia He said that SSDA is a bridge designed by China and Switzerland. Many activities were held in China and Switzerland. This time, PDC will further promote the design development of the two countries and strengthen the cooperation between the design industries of the two countries. . Sofia He also analyzed the important elements of the design industry through SWOT and explained the characteristics and advantages of Nordic design.

Tommy Granstrom, general manager of the Swedish design company K-fab, said that the Canton Fair is a very interesting and effective platform. K-fab has participated in the Canton Fair PDC design show for three consecutive years, contacted many Canton Fair production enterprises and reached cooperation, the company Relying on the rapid development of the Canton Fair platform. With his case of cooperation with Canton Fair enterprises, he encouraged Swedish designers present to actively participate in the Canton Fair and explore the Chinese market.

The designers' representatives communicated enthusiastically with the group, and raised questions about the group's participation method, docking mode and media promotion. The team members gave answers one by one and explained that PDC has always focused on precise design and connection as the core goal, and urged the cooperation between the supply and demand sides of the design. At the same time, in order to expand its influence, PDC adopts online and offline publicity channels, such as live video, live pictures, magazine reports, WeChat push, TV reports, etc., to fully publicize the content of the event and the results of docking, enhance brand influence and expand the effectiveness of promotion. After the meeting, there are new designers coming to join in the exchange and discussion. The Swedish design team will make plans to participate in the activities of the 122nd Canton Fair PDC in October this year.

The PDC Denmark, Finland and Sweden design exhibition and exchange has been successfully concluded, and the results have been very successful. Thank you to the agencies, companies and designers who provided assistance for this trip. PDC will continue to follow up the communication and exchanges with various institutions and companies, and will implement the 'Scandinavian Design' project and related docking activities during the 122nd Canton Fair.