Into Italy, let the pure design bloom in the Canton Fair

Italy is known as a beautiful country (Belpaese) because of its beautiful natural scenery and numerous human cultural heritage. It is the cradle of European nations and culture, the birthplace of the Renaissance. Italian design focuses on combining pragmatism and technical knowledge with classical culture. In the process of industrialization, on the one hand, it introduces modern mass production methods, on the other hand, it respects traditional craftsmanship. Italian designers can maintain a close relationship with the industry, attach importance to the value of materials, and have a high degree of aesthetic sensitivity and a sense of spatial hierarchy. Exploring the in-depth integration and development of Italian design and manufacturing companies in the Canton Fair has become the main purpose of the PDC Promotion Team (hereinafter referred to as the group) trip to Milan, Italy from June 19-21. During his stay in Milan, the group visited the Italian Industrial Design Association and the A ’Design Awards host, and was invited to watch Milan Men ’s Wear Week, and had effective communication and exchanges with all parties and actively discussed the content of cooperation.

Italian Industrial Design Association ADI, full name Associazione per il Disegno Industriale, has more than 1,000 design members, since 1962 hosted the Compasso d'oro Golden Compass Award, known as the Nobel Prize in industrial design; A'DesignAward Design Award, It is the world's leading international design competition of the year, known as the Oscar of the design world, with more than 3,000 members from more than 170 countries and regions. The group introduced the development of the Canton Fair PDC in recent years to two organizational units, focusing on the development opportunities brought to overseas designers by design exhibitions, Canton Fair original design fashion shows, design forums and other activities and the assistance provided by PDC during these activities And service content. Farinatti, vice president of ADI, expressed interest in organizing national thematic design activities during the Canton Fair and organizing Italian designer groups.

Cobanli, the person in charge of the A 'design award, mentioned that he hopes that the PDC design exhibition area will have more space for its member designers, and through the combination of online pre-exhibition preview and offline meeting docking for Italian designers and Canton Fair Enterprises provide more connection possibilities.

Both organizations proposed to conduct more dialogues and exchanges with PDC in the second half of 2017, from the perspective of a 'big platform', with the long-term macro goals and short-term implementation means to actively promote designer participation, mutual recognition of design awards and forum docking , Cooperation in supply and demand matching, etc.

Milan Menswear Week (hereinafter referred to as Menswear Week) is organized by The Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI, the official The National Chamber for Italian Fashion). The association has more than 200 member companies, divided into 8 branches, namely high-end fashion (ALTA MODA), high-end ready-to-wear (PRET-A-PORTER), leather and leather goods, shoes, accessories, fabrics, distribution and services. The annual Milan Men's and Women's Fashion Week, sponsored by the Association, is the world's top fashion event with the same name as Paris Fashion Week in France. This June 16-20th was held in the spring and summer of 2018 menswear release. The group was invited to participate in the catwalk activities of the two brands PONA and Wood Wood. On the scene, they felt the cutting-edge charm of European fashion and organized an original design fashion show for the Canton Fair. The form, professionalism and brand influence all provide good ideas and reference.