PDC and the Danish Consulate further promote cooperation in the design industry

On June 11-14, the PDC Promotion Group (hereinafter referred to as the group) held a series of exhibitions and exchanges in Copenhagen, Denmark, and received positive feedback from local design agencies, companies and designers. Yesterday, the group was invited to the office of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Denmark in Guangzhou, and with the Consul General of the Kingdom of Denmark in Shanghai, the business consul, retail, design and consumer brand industry Casper Freddie, and the senior business director of the Consulate General of Denmark in Guangzhou, Cen Jianru, further promote Denmark Design and in-depth communication and exchange of docking with manufacturing companies in Canton Fair.

At the meeting, the group introduced the cooperation contents and objective challenges that were discussed with various units during Copenhagen, such as language, culture, matching with Chinese enterprises, and docking mode. Casper affirmed the potential and status of Canton Fair as a Danish design to enter the Chinese market, shared the role Danish design can play in the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, and said that the consulate will provide Danish designers entering the Canton Fair such as communication and contract processing And other assistance services to help the Danish design to connect with Chinese companies.

The Danish design agencies and company representatives visited by the group plan to return to PDC in Guangzhou in August, and will attend the 122nd Canton Fair for participation / inspection to prepare for the Danish design team to participate in the 123rd Canton Fair in the spring of 2018. After hearing this, Casper was very excited and expressed that the consulate hopes to participate in the return visit and preparation work, and will fully assist the two parties to establish strategic cooperation, realize the Danish design landing Canton Fair as soon as possible, and promote the development of a mutually beneficial and win-win design industry between the two countries.

The two parties plan to jointly establish the 'China-Denmark Design Center' to escort the cooperation between Danish design and Chinese companies, and help Chinese companies to transform and upgrade. Next, we will select the companies in need and the corresponding Danish designers to carry out precise docking work. The center is expected to be officially established during the 122nd Canton Fair.