Appreciate Japanese design, meet the charm of fashion

Whenever talking about Japanese design, words such as minimalism, Zen, irregularity, and ethnic characteristics come to mind. Clean streets, orderly public transportation, and smiling service staff were the first impressions left by Tokyo editors. In-depth streets and alleys, from drugstores to department stores, many fashionable fashion brands dazzled people; then pay attention to the pedestrians around them, their influx of clothing, exquisite face, all show Tokyo's fashion charm.

Exploring Japanese fashion and introducing Japanese fashion design into China's industrial cluster, and promoting the close cooperation between Japanese design and Canton Fair manufacturers through PDC design activities is the task of the PDC Promotion Team (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion Team) on this Tokyo trip.

From June 26th to 28th, the promotion team conducted a three-day fashion exchange and promotion activity in Tokyo, Japan. And conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation negotiations.

Junko Koshino is a typhoon figure in the Japanese fashion world, known as the popular godmother of Japan. Junko's square cutting geometric shape is full of avant-garde, highlighting its unique style of natural cutting. Junko introduced that she participated in the Paris Fashion Week in France for 25 consecutive years and visited the Canton Fair more than a decade ago. She expressed the hope that she can cooperate with more Chinese brands, use traditional cultural elements, and combine design to show new culture and new fashion. The promotion team introduced the PDC fashion show event to Junko. She intends to co-plan the next catwalk show with PDC.

The name CROSS is taken from the overlap and cross in fabric or fabric weaving, and PLUS means adding and combining. Cross Plus promotes innovative high-value-added goods and services, especially the promotion of two Parisian fashion designer brands, Shunko Shimada and Chun Lang Tianshan. Cross Plus occupies one-third of the channels of the Japanese apparel industry. The weekly order meeting attracts many brands to participate. Its consultant Mr. Hiyapi and Yan introduced the Shanghai branch of China to the promotion team. PDC negotiates business cooperation and broadens market channels.

Since getting acquainted with PDC, Mr. Kazuo Inoue of NEO Design has been committed to improving the business level and brand image of small and medium-sized enterprises in China and Japan, hoping that both parties can share resources to promote design and enhance trade.

The founder of Lucy + K clothing brand said that they are very interested in PDC activities and will plan to arrange to participate in the 122nd Canton Fair PDC fashion show.

PDC will combine multi-party platform resources to introduce simple and stylish Japanese design for Canton Fair production enterprises to promote brand upgrading and transformation and upgrading.