Nordic design, new power for enterprise transformation and upgrading

The promotion team of the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (hereinafter referred to as PDC) conducted a 10-day design exhibition and exchange between Denmark, Finland and Sweden on June 11-20, 2017. PDC is committed to building an efficient design docking platform for Canton Fair production enterprises, guiding the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and enhancing their international competitiveness. The theme of this exhibition and exchange is 'Introducing Nordic Design and Docking Canton Fair Manufacturers' as the theme, aiming to enhance the value of design industrialization, and taking 'Belt and Road' as an opportunity to carry out more extensive design cooperation.

Scandinavian design is well-known in the world for its simplicity, focusing on smooth lines and details. Modern, practical and exquisite design styles are increasingly sought after. PDC successfully visited the Danish Pearlfisher, 3X, Danish Design Museum, Design Denmark (Denmark Design Association), the RUBZ, Holscher Design, Finnish Innovation Center and Northern Europe with the help of associations, companies and designers from Denmark, Finland and Sweden Design institutes and companies such as the Sustainable Design Association have conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the cooperation between design and production enterprises in the Canton Fair. All institutions and companies have expressed a willingness to cooperate in the activities held by PDC.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, Design Denmark is mainly responsible for promoting Danish design and professionalizing the Danish design industry. At present, there are about 800 designer members. CEO Henrik Weiglin believes that the Chinese design market is very large and will consider participating in PDC activities during the Canton Fair in the form of groups. Holscher Design has been established for more than 40 years, and has a design team of more than 40 people from 7 countries around the world, serving global brands. Its CEO, Rasmus Holscher, said that the company is currently actively exploring the Chinese market and plans to participate in the 122nd Canton Fair in October.

In Helsinki, Finland, Finpro Innovation Center (Finpro) organized a number of Finnish design companies to participate in the PDC Finland Promotion Exchange. Each representative and the PDC promotion team discussed the types of needs of Canton Fair production enterprises, the possibility of cooperation between Chinese design companies and Finnish design teams, and fashion brands. The issues of raw material import, design and sales were discussed in detail, and all expressed interest in participating in various activities held by PDC during the Canton Fair. At the same time, I hope to work with PDC to connect Finnish design resources to Chinese companies and expand design cooperation between the two countries.

In Stockholm, Sweden, PDC and the Nordic Sustainable Design Association (SSDA) held the PDC Sweden Promotion Exchange to strengthen the design industry cooperation between the two countries. The representatives of the designers who participated in the meeting exchanged warmly with the PDC promotion team, and raised questions about the group participation method, docking model and media promotion. The team members gave answers one by one and explained that PDC has always focused on precise design and docking as the core goal, and urged the design and supply sides to cooperate. At the same time, in order to expand its influence, PDC adopts online and offline publicity channels, such as live video, live pictures, magazine reports, WeChat push, TV reports, etc., to fully publicize the content of the event and the results of docking, enhance brand influence and expand the effectiveness of promotion. The Swedish design team will make plans to participate in the PDC activities of the 122nd Canton Fair in October this year, and will work with PDC to promote the design development of the two countries.

'Design' is the strategy of the Nordic countries, and design has created huge commercial and social value. Through this in-depth exchange and visit, PDC further understands the Nordic design situation, will carefully study the docking model with Chinese companies, and will land the 'Scandinavian Design' project and related docking activities during the 122nd Canton Fair .