Explore Korean Wave to further promote Korean design docking

Korean design emphasizes practicality and appearance, often giving people the impression of being beautiful, warm, simple and elegant. The design industry is an important part of the Korean government's strategy of cultural power. In recent years, the Korean government ’s strong support and guidance has made Korean design gradually appear around the world and developed rapidly. More and more Korean brands are familiar; in the fashion industry, 'Korean version' and 'Korean wave' that are impressed by trend idols 'The style of clothing has influenced consumers throughout China.

From June 29th to July 1st, the PDC Promotion Team (hereinafter referred to as the team) visited three design institutes / associations in Seoul: Korea Design Promotion Institute (KIDP), Seoul Design Foundation (DDP), and Korea Fashion Association (KFA) ); 4 jewelry design brands: Seimisung, Gina, S & J International, Carodadva and 1 industrial design company: Goth Design.

The Korea Design Promotion Institute (KIDP) is responsible for promoting the development of the Korean design industry. In recent years, it has effectively promoted the development of Korean design companies and Chinese manufacturing companies through cooperation with PDC design displays, design forums, and design promotion to achieve a win-win situation. The group and KIDP jointly discussed the possibility of developing an online design platform, combined with online promotion, to promote offline activities. Both parties expressed that they will deepen cooperation and continue to join forces to drive more industry innovation and realize design value.

The Seoul Design Consortium (DDP) is committed to building a bridge of communication between the talented and creative designers and the world, creating a sense of design innovation and enhancing the value of Korean brands. Its annual Seoul Fashion Week brings together fashion lovers to show inspiration and trends. The person in charge of DDP said that the government supports them to participate in fashion design-related exhibitions overseas every year, hoping to discuss the cooperation content framework with PDC, and lay the foundation for future cooperation in the fields of design exhibitions, design forums and fashion catwalks.

The Korea Fashion Association (Korea Fashion Association), as an important institution to promote the development of the Korean fashion design industry, organizes Korean designer brands to participate in the fashion industry matching activities in Europe, America and China every year. The person in charge of KFA said that he hopes to cooperate with PDC in the field of fashion design and work together to promote the development of the fashion design industry.

The four jewelry design brands introduced their brand design concepts to the group and expressed their hope that they can participate in PDC design exhibitions and fashion show activities in groups through the guidance of KIDP, and use the PDC platform to enhance brand influence. At the same time, the parties conducted in-depth discussions on cooperation with the PDC Design Gallery and the souvenir development of the Canton Fair.

Goth Design has participated in PDC design exhibition activities for 11 consecutive years, and successfully provided design services to many production enterprises through the PDC platform. In the future, the two parties will carry out active cooperation in areas such as design education and online platforms.

It is hoped that through in-depth exchanges and cooperation discussions with various institutions, it will better promote the close cooperation between Korean design and Canton Fair production enterprises, and use the multi-platform cooperation effect to promote the sustainable development of design and enhance trade.