PDC Thai creative design docking trip

Culture gives Thai people confidence, and creativity ultimately saves Thailand and makes it a connecting point for global fashion. Thai design contains a humble and optimistic traditional culture and a modern spirit of tolerance and innovation. From furniture, fashion, jewelry to daily necessities, Thai design is like a Nordic design more than ten years ago, and is rising collectively.

From July 2nd to 5th, the PDC Promotion Team (hereinafter referred to as the team) visited Thailand ’s Ministry of Commerce ’s International Trade Promotion Agency (DITP), Thai Creative Design Center (TCDC), Bravis International and TROP Landscape Design Company in Thailand At the Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) and the Bangkok Furniture Design Center (DCD), appreciate art works and household items with a local culture and art atmosphere.

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand adheres to the national policy and gives higher value to Thai products through design creativity. It began to hold the DEmark Award in 2008 to continuously tap Thai design creative talents. The person in charge of DITP proposed that he hopes to have an overall cooperation plan with PDC, and participate in PDC activities to promote Thai lifestyle and fashion design to the world.

The Thai Creative Design Center (TCDC) spreads the Thai government ’s determination to encourage creativity and look internationally to the world, and provides unlimited creative space for local design talents. The team introduced the various businesses of the Canton Fair and PDC in detail to TCDC. It is hoped that both parties will maintain communication and communication, refine the cooperation plan, and actively promote and organize Thai design companies to participate in the PDC activities of the 122nd Canton Fair.

In the creative field, personal ability is certainly important, but if you want to create output value, you must integrate multiple resources. We look forward to the Thai design blooming at the Canton Fair and promoting the effective combination of Thai creativity and Chinese manufacturing through the PDC platform.